Terms and Conditions for Bear Lake Bible Camp

Release Waiver and Assumption of Risk

  1. The Camp Director reserves the right to dismiss a camper who, in his opinion, is a hazard to the safety and rights of others, or who appears to have rejected the reasonable controls of Bear Lake Bible Camp. The parent/guardian certifies that the camper is in normal condition and is amenable to necessary discipline.
  2. The parent/guardian submitting this application is the person having legal custody over the child. Conditions of custody, if applicable, will be fully communicated in writing to Bear Lake Bible Camp, including a photocopy of the section of any court order referring to visitation rights.
  3. I, the parent/guardian, my heirs, executors and administrators release and hold harmless Bear Lake Bible Camp, its trustees, directors, staff, volunteers, and management from any loss, personal injury, accident, misfortune or damage to the above-named camper or his/her property, regardless of whether these things may have been contributed to by the negligence of Bear Lake Bible Camp. However, reasonable precautions shall be taken to ensure the health and safety of the above-named camper. Provincial Health Care or equivalent medical insurance must cover each camper.
  4. The signature of the parent/guardian gives Bear Lake Bible Camp and/or its designate permission to transport the camper off-site for various program activities or in search of medical attention. This signature gives the Camp Director the right to arrange for any special services or other requirements necessary for the best interests of the camper and the right to obtain medical attention necessary for the camper's welfare and good health, including injection, anesthesia, or surgery. In such a situation a representative from Bear Lake Bible Camp will attempt to notify the parent/guardian as soon as possible. The parent/guardian is responsible for any additional expense that may be incurred from such services.
  5. I, the parent or guardian of the above-named camper, agree to permit reasonable use of pictures and videos of the camper in promoting the camp or camp activities and programs.
  6. I, the parent or guardian of the above-named camper, give Bear Lake Bible Camp permission to give contact information (name, address, phone number, age) to local churches for the purpose of offering my child opportunities to connect with other Bear Lake Bible Camp campers through their programs.
  7. I, the parent or guardian of the above-named camper, give full permission for the camper to participate in all Bear Lake Bible Camp program activities. I understand that participation in these activities involves some inherent risk, and accept all risks and dangers therein.

With my signature, I affirm that I have read all information and agree to abide by the Release Waiver and Assumption of Risk.