2019 Staff Application

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Positions Available:

1 Office Administrator (May 6- Aug 28)

1 Head Leader (1 Female) (May 13- Aug 28)

2 SALT Leaders (1 Male, 1 Female) (June 3-Aug 28)

2 LITE Leaders (1 Male, 1 Female) (June 3-Aug 28)

1 Cabin Leader/Lifeguard (June 8- Aug 25)

12 Cabin Leaders (6 Male, 6 Female) (June 8- Aug 26)

12 Junior Cabin Leaders  (6 Male, 6 Female) (July 1- Aug 25)

1 Head Cook (June 24-Aug 24)

1 Assistant Cook (June 24-Aug 24)

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Skill and Activities
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Faith Questions

BLBC Mission Statement and Goals

 Mission Statement – “The purpose of Bear Lake Bible Camp is to assist the Church to see children, youth and adults come to faith in Christ and to grow in Him.”                     

1. To exalt and glorify God throughout the camping programs.
2. To win the unsaved for Christ by teaching each camper the truth of salvation and giving an opportunity to receive Christ as Savior and to follow Him as Lord.  
3. To encourage and guide campers to Christian maturity by becoming more like Christ in wisdom, knowledge, attitude and behaviour.
4. To teach and guide staff by providing training and experience in Christian leadership which will help prepare them for future leadership roles in the Christian community.  
5. To provide for the needs of the campers and staff in an environment that is safe, pleasant and healthy.
6. To function as an arm of the participating churches.

Code of Christian Conduct

Consisitent with the Christian beliefs of Bear Lake Bible Camp, I agree-

  1. To establish spiritual disciplines needed to maintain and promote a deep, intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
  2. T consistently attend a local church whose beliefs are consistent with Bear Lake Bible Camp’s statement of faith.
  3. To maintain healthy relationships with friends, family and co-workers.
  4. To express my commitment to the purpose of Bear Lake Bible Camp through how I serve camp personnel and its clients- with love, dignity, and respect and without reservation or discrimination.
  5. To abstain from -and not encourage- behavior that is contrary to biblical principles, including but not limited to:
  6. the use and possession of illicit or non-prescription intoxicating drugs
  7.  the abuse of alcohol
  8. reading or viewing pornographic material
  9. sexual intimacy outside of the sacred bond of marriage between one man and one women
  10. harassment, physical aggression, sexual assault or other abusive behavior
  11. criminal activity
  12. To be a careful responsible steward of the environment, including the property of Bear Lake Bible Camp.
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